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Stage linguistico: Hastings

Scritto da Allievi della 2CL e 2AL il 16 Giugno 2011.

Stage linguistico: Hastings


May, Sunday 8 th 2011.
On Sunday morning  my classmates  and I left from Venice's airport to go to England for the language  stage organized by our school. We flew and it was the first time for me! I was very excited and a little bit afraid, but I was able to relax and I was quite happy.
We arrived at Gatwick' s  airport in London after about two hours; next, we carried our suitcases onto a bus and we went to Hastings, the place where we had to stay for a week . We arrived in front of the school -Embassy Ces- where there were our host-families who were waiting  for us. Veronica, Elena and I were the first to go away with Mrs Michele West. We arrived at her house, we took  our three suitcases from the car,  then we entered her  house Our landlady, Michele, showed  it  to us  and gave us a a paper with the rules of the home.
From the outside, the house seemed small and a bit neglected but inside it was quite beautiful, big and  with big bright rooms. We went upstairs into  our bedroom, we  unpacked  our suitcases and then we spoke about our first impressions about Michele. She seemed a bit cold to us, not very helpful and nice..
After that, we went downstairs  and Michele suggested  we should go go for a walk on the beach near  there because there was a very sunny day. She gave us a map where she showed us the way to go to the sea . We accepted and we went out for our walk. The weather was wonderful, the sun was shining and we enjoyed ourselves  a lot!
We came back at 6 pm and she informed us that she had to go to school to collect other five girls from  the Czech-Republic  who would also stay at her home too for six days. When they arrived at home, we went downstairs (where there was the kitchen and the dining room) and we had dinner all together, except for Michele who never had dinner with us!!..
The food was good...I was very hungry and I really liked it!!!
Michele had prepared potatoes, chicken, salad with tomatoes, peppers, onion, radishes and cucumbers, and finally a  chocolate and cream cake . When we finished, we cleared the table and we went upstairs  to have a shower.
At about half past 10, we went to bed because we were very very very tired...

Sunday 8 May 2011. WE ARE LEAVING , AT LAST! di Jennifer Carbonera

We had been waiting this day for 9 months! At 11.35 a.m. , we left  from Venice and we arrived in London at 12.40 (Italian time). The journey was exciting because for many of us it was the first flight, so some of us screamed and others were in panic. As soon as we arrived at the airport in London, we were hungry, so we ate  some sandwiches in the café.
Then, we went to Hastings by bus and during the journey many of us slept and listened to music. When we arrived in Hastings, we waited for our host family with the teachers and we also saw the school for the first time.  After a few minutes, the host family came to take me and Anna Mayer and taught us the way to go to school. When we got home, Anna and I were amazed by the beauty of the host family’s house, so we run  upstairs with our luggage to see our room. First of all, Mr. David Bradshaw showed us our room and then the rest of the house. Our room was great; there was a very big window as in  a  typical English Victorian house.. There were two wooden beds and two big, wooden empty wardrobes to put our clothes in. In the host family there were 4 people: Mr. David Bradshaw, Mrs. Bradshaw and their children Gordon and Charlotte. After we had met them, Anna and I had shower and then we had dinner with the family. During the dinner, we talked to the family and we had a lot of fun! Then, we went to bed immediately because we were tired.


It's 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm awake. In 6 hours I'll be at the airport. I'm leaving! England I'm coming!
My baggage is ready, I'm ready. It's 7.30 in the morning, I'm in the car. I'm going to Venice Airport. Am I dreaming? Two hours later I'm at the departure gate of the airport. My friends are there, we are all excited. We're ready to go: someone is crying, someone is laughing. It's a beautiful moment for us.We check in and then we go through the metal detector, someone of us is searched , but there aren't "any bombs" just little metal objects.
It's 11.35. We get onto the plane, someone of us has never flown, someone is  used to flying , someone else shouts and someone falls asleep.. Everything goes right.
Two hours later we are at London Gatwick  Airport, we wait for  our baggage. We can't believe it... We're in Great Britain! Together! It's not a sunny day ,but we are happy because we have the sun inside our hearts.
We take the bus to Hastings, our residential location. The driver is quite  fast and we are not accustomed  to the English way of driving. On the way, we sing and laugh and when we arrive in Hastings we are really worried about our guest families. But also here, everything goes well. I've got a nice family, very nice and funny.
We can have a walk around the city: it's quite large  and really  beautiful with its windy beach.
It has been a long day, let's go to bed. TOMORROW  IS ANOTHER DAY  IN ENGLAND

Hever Castle, Hastings and the Ghost tour


HEVER CASTLE di Martina Antonioli, 2CL

On Tuesday morning , MAY 10 th ,we left Hastings for  the excursion to Hever Castle.
It’s  near the village of Hever, south-east of London.
It was built in the 13 th century and it was  where Anne Boleyn lived as a young girl. She was Henry VIII’s  sad second wife and she met him there at Hever castle.
The castle has a medieval structure and it’s surrounded by a moat. In the entrance hall you can see the portraits of the families who inhabited the castle, then you reach the castle’s kitchen. It looks more like a lounge, with sofas and armchairs and stained windows. Over the fireplace is visible a silver watch given by Henry VIII to his wife Anne Boleyn.
The ceiling is covered with white roses representing the Tudor dynasty.
The Dining room has a 16th century tapestry and fireplace bearing the coat of arms of the Boleyn’s family.
On the upper floor we saw Anne’s brother’s picture; George Boleyn. His room was large, with a high bed with a canopy. The peculiarity of these beds is that they are very short, as in ancient times, people were afraid of not being able to wake up, if they slept lying on the bed. There is also a small chapel where George could pray. It’s said that the ghost of the owners still hovers in those places and that if you are silent, you can hear him.
The next room is  Henry VIII’s room. It was completely made of wood, with a large bed and high quilted fabrics and ornaments with red and gold.
The oldest rooms in the castle  have low windows and wooden shelves where masks and tools are exhibited, such as whips and pliers, used for torture. The castle is surrounded by huge gardens. The gardens we can  see today were built by William Astor between 1904-1908, when he bought the castle to restore it.
In Spring, the park is sunk in the profusion of daffodils, primroses, azaleas and during Summer there are some roses and plants.
We took advantage of the nice place to have lunch there  and visit the big  colorful gardens.

Tuesday 10 th May 2011-06-05 di Elena Cassia, 2CL

On Tuesday we got up earlier (at 5.50) because we had to take the bus to get to Hever Castle. We had breakfast (milk, orange juice, toast with nutella ecc.) and then we walked to school. We left with Dexter, our guide, who explained   to  us something about the castle (but we already knew a lot of things!) and gave us the packed-lunch from the school. We took a tour of about one hour inside the castle with another guide: it was all very interesting and beautiful. The halls were amazing and all the decorations were perfect. Outside, the landscape was enchanting! We went through the maze and the most magnificent garden; then we ate our lunch and we came back to school. We had lessons in the afternoon with another teacher (we usually had Ellie), Tom. With him we talked about teenagers and relationships, and we studied the lyrics of three different songs. It was interesting to have a lesson in a different way.
We came home for dinner and a”tragedy” happened: we were alone because the other girls were late because of their activities with the school and we didn’t understand that we had to leave some food for them (actually there was not much food), and we ate too much! Michele, our landlady  was so angry! We were terribly sorry, but she was shouting something like “I kill you! You have eaten everything! Now there is no food for the other girls! … Well, don’t worry… I really should kill you. But don’t worry girls… Now I’m going to make other chips…”. We were terrified and a bit perplexed.
In the evening we went out and we walked to school, because we had the Ghost Tour. We walked all together from the school to the Old Town of Hastings, where Dexter told us different stories of ghosts, which came from ancient legends born in that part of the town. One of those stories took place in a churchyard (where we went) and was about a priest who was a smuggler. While I was trying to take some photographs, I heard my schoolmates screaming and I saw two of them running away from a black figure. Veronica simply told me “Elena, there is the priest”. It was very dark and I couldn’t see very well, but Dexter showed us that he was a boy dressed as priest , he was there to play a trick to us. His name was Joe (and some of the girls fell in love with him); he and Dexter accompanied us up to Christ Church, then we went back a little bit scared and excited, some of us even stumbled on the way home.

Tuesday, MAY 10 th  di Veronica Bovenzi, 2CL

On Tuesday we got up at 5.50 because we were eight girls in the house with only one bathroom. We got ready  to go out and at 7.00  we had breakfast with the Czech girls. We ate some toasts with chocolate and peanuts butter, milk with cereals and we also drank some orange juice. We went to the school garden and met our friends and the teachers. Then we went to Hever Castle by bus.
We visited Hever Castle where Henry VIII  and Anne Boleyn lived. The guide told us something about each room of the castle and about Anne Boleyn’s life.
We ate our lunch in the huge garden and we spent some time walking in the garden: We saw some swans, ducks, squirrels and a hare. We enjoyed ourselves  while visiting a labyrinth where we also got lost and we took a lot of photos at the hedges, which had a lot of different shapes.
We came back to school by bus and we didn’t have lesson with our teacher Elli, because in the afternoon  she could not  be at school, so we had lesson with Tom, a really handsome boy (he looks like Raul Bova). We listened to some songs  and we had to fill in texts.
After the lessons, we came back home and had dinner alone because Michele, the lady who hosted us, never has dinner and the other girls weren’t at home yet. We had some troubles with Michele because we ate the dinner, but we didn’t know that it was also for the other girls (I think the portions were not enough)  and so Michele scolded us saying that she didn’t know what the other girls could eat.
Anyway, we had to go out that evening, so we went to the school garden and met our friends, our teacher and our guide, Dexter (he is a very handsome fellow) for the “Ghost tour”. As we walked around the city, Dexter told us some horror stories about Hastings. I think he told us about five stories. One of them was told in a cemetery. It was about a priest who was a smuggler and was hiding a huge treasure, but he was hanged because he was accused of smuggling by the people from Hastings. The legend says that in the dark nights you can see the priest in the cemetery and if you follow him, he will take you to his treasure.
After this story, the “priest” appeared to scare us, but we discovered that he was a boy who works in the school. He is a very handsome boy who is the gardener of the school and he serves meals in the canteen. Everybody knows that I have a crush on him; it is a bit embarrassing.
After the ghost tour, we went home and went to bed.

Friday 13 th  May.  The Sea life museum di Elena Cassia, 2CL

On Friday we woke up at 7.00 o’clock, we had breakfast and then we walked to school. That morning we had no lessons with Ellie, but with another teacher (unfortunately he wasn’t Tom), Roger. It was a bit boring, because he talked slowly and very low, but we had the opportunity to write and talk in English. We had lunch at school (which was served by Joe - he was like a handyman, I think).
After taking a photograph in front of the school with Dexter and Joe, we went again to the Old Town to visit the Sealife. There were a lot of different fish, some dangerous and some other very beautiful and funny. We saw a “little” shark, sea horses, jelly fish, and very strange fish that I had never seen in my life! There was also the “Blue reef Nursery”! After that we went shopping in the centre of the New Town; then, some of us went to the Mermaid Restaurant (which was near the Fishermen's Museum, in the Old Town) to eat fish and chips (it was quite sad because we had just visited the Sealife); however our meal was very good! At 6.00 pm we returned to the centre to take the bus to Christ Church, but we were able to lose two buses at the same time (it was a strange and funny scene).The third time we tried to take the bus Veronica paid 50 pence in coins of 1, 2 and 5 pence, while Chiara F. was playing  with her coin, which fell into a drain. We got on the bus trying not to laugh, but it was impossible. Fortunately we were able to get off at the right stop. We came back home, had dinner and we ate Michele’s cake: it was the last dinner all together, because the next day the other girls would go to London and from there they would go back home in the Czech Republic. In the evening Uyanga, one of the girls, came to our room and we talked until 00.30. It was so beautiful to speak freely with her, we laughed and took photographs, and we are still in contact through facebook (sometimes it is useful!). Then we embraced her and went to bed.

Report di Edoardo Mauro, 2AL


3 rd  day, May, Wednesday 25 th 2011

In the morning we went to school, as usual. During the afternoon we visited the part of H astings  called “ Old Town”, where once lots of fishermen used.
Those fishermen were so poor they could not afford large houses, so they lived in crowded little houses, with  very little money.
Today things have changed,  the Old Town is Hastings ‘s most expensive place to live, but there are some secrets lying within . After the XIII  century, lots and lots of people in Hastings were smugglers, and the Old Town could be considered their head quarter. The smugglers dug a wide net of tunnels under the ground, and it   rumoured that  it is  still possible to find treasures in those secret tunnels,  underneath the Old Town area.
Then, in the evening, we went back to school to watch the film “ The King’s Speech”.
6 th day,  May Saturday 28 th
On Saturday the 28th of May, we travelled to  London through the sunny British countryside, instead of driving along a  crowded motorway.
Firstly, we entered London through  London Bridge, then we got off the bus  just few steps from this famous British landmark.
Soon after, we went to a crowded Trafalgar Square and headed to Covent Garden making the way through other famous British landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Westminster Abbey, Downing street and the House of Guards.
Once we reached Covent Garden, we split up in groups and everybody did their best to see the most of the area, because there were only three hours left.  Some of us went shopping, others went to visit the National Gallery, someone else rushed towards Piccadilly Circus. Unfortunately three hours.... did not last long.

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