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Viaggio ad Hastings

Scritto da Studenti di 2CL e 2DL il 17 Maggio 2015.

Viaggio ad Hastings

Seaside town

We went to the airport together
We thought the trip would last forever
Although our adventure had just begun
We knew we would have a lot of fun.

Hello Hastings, here we come
Visiting the town was fun
We saw the pier, it was so sad
Destroyed by fire, it made us mad.

Today we went to Eastbourne pier
Where the sound of the waves we could hear
At Beachy Head, we felt we were dreaming
The cliffs were high and the sea was gleaming.

We saw a caste made of stones
But inside there were no bones
At Smugglers Cave it was so scary
The darkness there made us all so wary.

Questa bella poesia in lingua inglese è stata composta dagli allievi di 2CL (Boz Serena, Dal Pizzol Carrie Asia, Gabbana Francesca, Rossi Chiarasole, Spagnoli Serena) e di 2DL (Calzavara Mariesol, Mauro Isabel, Zerbin Asia) durante lo stage ad Hastings, Gran Bretagna, nell’aprile scorso. prof.ssa M.R.Bellomo

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