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Scritto da Chiara Fiorellini Bernardis, 2CL il 20 Dicembre 2010.

The word tattoo derives from the Polinesian word “tatau” which means to knock or to mark and it means to tap the stick on a needle. The introduction of this Polinesian term  was due to Capitan James Cook who discovered Australia. In his diary he described the technique of Polinesian tatoos. Therefore, The English language then borrowed thr word.

At the beginning, the  people who tattooed themselves drew signs on their body which were meant to communicate a message to the others. For example , in the Polinesian world, Tatoos were a form of communication indicating who was either a king, a rich person, a warrior, a slave or a criminal. A tattoo was then considered a method to beautify the body and become more attractive. Still today, tatoos can have different meanings in different countries .The article that I read at school talked  about a 15 year old  American girl . The school she attended suspended her indefinitely after she arrived for lessons with a tattoo across her face and pins through her nose and moutth. As a matter of fact, I agree with the  school decision  because I think that when you are at school you must have appropiate clothes and look and you must respect the rules. However, when you are outside the school you can do whatever you want. I think that people who tattoo their face maybe do not like themselves and they want to change their look or maybe they want to catch the attention of the others. I like tattoos,  but only if they are small and I think they must communicate something since you can't erase them so easily  so they must really  have an important meaning.

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