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My opinion about tattoos -1

Scritto da Lisa Presotto, 2CL il 20 Dicembre 2010.

Tattoos are permanent drawings  made by inserting indelible ink into your skin.. Tattoos on people are a type of decorative body modification. People choose to be tattooed for sentimental, affective or religion  reasons . Anyway there are a lot of different reasons, but a tattoo can also be made without a specific reason, only because you like it.

In the past, tattoos were  even used for identification, one of the worst example is the identification system in Nazi  concentration camps. Today, this method is only used for the identification of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and cows.  But there are also people who wear  tattoos because they don’t like themselves and so they wear tattoos to look better . Personally, I’m disgusted by people covered in tattoos, because I think people don’t need all these tattoos to look better, I think tattoos can  even made you look worse than before.

Tattoos are considered permanent, but sometimes it’s possible to remove them with laser treatments, especially if they are made with black and other dark colors. But there are also temporary tattoos, they are popular with children because the can be removed easily with water or creams. Tattoos are also used in medicine to replace some parts of the body.

For example tattoos are good if they are used in medicine because they can help people who have had an operation. It's the case of the women who need breast surgery after an illness.

Personally, I don’t like tattoos very much, if they are too big and even less if they are on the face. I like tattoos if they are small and if a person wear them for an affective reason. But I don’t agree with the people who use tattoos to hide their faces or other parts of the body because I think each person has to accept herself/himself with defects, without hiding them.

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