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Learning eastern languages at "M. Belli high scholl": first Chinese Course (beginner level)

Scritto da Giulia Ragusa, 1BL il 21 Giugno 2011.

Learning eastern languages at
I’m a student of the Marco Belli High School and I attend the first BL. This year I have attended a Chinese course. The course lasted 21 hours. In this course Mrs. Barbui taught us the basics for speaking this mysterious  Eastern  language. Chinese is a difficult logographic language, but I like it. In the first lessons we learned how the Pinyn system is composed. Then Mrs. Barbui taught us the numbers and the common sentences that we use every day, for example “what’s your name?” or “where are you from?” Every time the teacher gave us photocopies with dialogues and rules. Every time there was a Chinese person who corrected our pronunciation.  In the last lessons we sipped Chinese tea and looked at some photos of the Chinese landscape. It was an interesting experience : I liked it so much that I would repeat it  immediately.

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