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Aviano Saints- Marco Belli Exchange

Scritto da Anamaria Savianu - 3AL il 13 Aprile 2010.

On  12th  March 2010, a half of the 3^ Al of the Liceo Linguistico Marco Belli went to visit the Aviano High School.
Some of us started to exchange some e-mails with 14 American students. We continued for a while and then our teachers organized a one-day exchange. On  Friday 12th at 8 o’clock a bus was waiting for us at the bus station. The trip wasn’t very long, we were all excited.
At 9 o’clock we arrived. Some of the  American students were already waiting for us at the entrance, some others arrived a little bit later at the Italian class. We met our partners and everybody followed his/her one during the day. We followed their lessons, we ate together and visited the school.
There are lots of differences between their high school and ours.Their structure is bigger, there are more projects and initiatives. There is a huge library with many computers. Generally in every  classroom there is at least one computer, and a lot of technology. Every teacher has his own room, and the students move each time. They also have a “thing” that every Italian student dreams : of lockers!
The students can choose the classes that they want to follow ,so they aren’t organized in classes that last for five years.
There are many interesting activities (the school has got a soccer team, dance classes, etc..). Every  time there is a match or a contest they take a lot of pictures and show slides on the big television in the entrance.
Every day there is also the “Morning News”. The day before, the students record a day-plan, and the morning after the entire school can listen to it. Two Italian girls tried to be  journalists  for a day and later they showed us the registration.
We also visited the gym, a very big one, with lots of trophies.
At lunch we all ate in the canteen, we already knew that the food isn’t always excellent, and the experience confirmed our suspicious! It was very funny, we were lots of people chatting and laughing, a moment of sharing. After our pizza and chocolate milk some more lessons were waiting for us.
Some of us were lucky, we went to dance courses and did other fun activities, but some others followed lessons like “Government of Trigonometry”, but we all agree when we say that we love the Aviano Saints High School!

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